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Free Printables

Here is where you'll find all my free printables such as worksheets, books and flashcards. Click the link and it will take you to the blog post where you'll find the link to the free printable at the end of the post.

Activity Book for Big Kids, Fruits
Activity Book for Kids (7-12), Ramadan
Activity Book for Little Kids, Quran
Activity Book for Little Kids, Ramadan
Arabic Makharij: Ra
Autumn Writing Prompts

Bee Activity Book (Sample Pages)
Bees Quran Journaling Pages

Bookmarks, Space Theme
Bugs Sight Word Bingo
Butterfly Life Cycle Cards

Calendar, My Hijri

Card, Eid Mubarak Masjid Card
Card, Eid ul Adha
Card, Eid ul Adha (3 Types Sheep & Kabah)

Cards, Butterfly Life Cycle
Cards, Good Deeds
Cards, Phonics Picture
Card Game, Silent E Match Ups

Circles, Activity Book

Colouring, Eid
Colouring, Eid Flowers
Colouring, Eid Munarak
Colouring, I Love Ramadan
Colouring, InshaAllah
Colouring, Majid
Colouring, Masjid Jummah
Colouring, My Hijab
Colouring, Ramadan
Colouring, Teach & Inspire
Colouring, World Hijab Day

Colours, Activity Book

Craft Printable, Winter Woolly Jumper
Cutting Lines Worksheet

Dhul Hijjah Journal

Dolch Sight Words Chart
Dolch Sight Words Flashcards

Eid Activity Book for Little Kids
Eid Bags, Kabah
Eid Bags, Masjid
Eid Bunting Colour In
Eid Colouring
Eid Coupons
Eid Envelope
Eid Flowers Colouring
Eid Mubarak Colouring
Eid Mubarak Masjid Card
Eid ul Adha Envelope
Eid ul Adha Sheep Card
Eid ul Adha Sheep Painting
Eid ul Adha, 3 Types Sheep & Kabah
Eid ul Fitr Colouring Card

English Lesson Sample, PreK

Fall Writing Prompts
Five Pillars of Islam Book

Flashcards, Alphabet (Islamic)
Flashcards Alphabet (Letter Only)
Flashcards, Alphabet (Phonics)
Flashcards, Dolch Sight Words
Flashcards, Multiplication

Friends, Quran Journaling
Fruits, Allah Made (Activity Book for Grade 3 Up)

Good Deeds Colouring

Grammar, Identify Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives
Grammar, Parts of Speech Word Sort

Gumball for Letter G

Hajj Activity Book for Little Kids
Hajj Activities for Young Children
Hajj, Quran Journaling
Hajj, Transportation Activity Book for Little Kids

Half A Shape (Beginning Fraction)

Handwriting, Alphabet (Islamic)
Handwriting, Numbers (1 to 3)
Handwriting, Numbers (1 to 10)
Handwriting, Tracing

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