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Monday 6 June 2016

Make a Star and Moon Ramadan Mobile

Ramadan Mubarak!

Another Ramadan has greeted us, alhamdulillah. To help make this month an exciting time for your children, make this mobile to hang up in your home. It will add colour and remind children that Ramadan is here.


  1. Colour and decorate the star and moon.
  2. Cut out.
  3. Attach a string to the top of the moon at one end and attach the other end to the bottom of the star. Let the moon dangle from the star.
  4. Glue pieces of streamers or cellophane strips to the bottom two points of the star.
  5. Attach a string to the top point of the star and hang the mobile up.

Click here to download the printable star and moon mobile.

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