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About Me

Jameela has worked with young children through a variety of settings: volunteering at playgroups, working casually at child care centres and teaching prek classes. Through her contact with young children and their boundless energy and enthusiasm to learn, she started to develop an understanding of what it was that contributed to this eagerness. 

In addition to this, one of the topics that she studied for her Master of Education was motivation for learning in children. Currently, she is undergoing a Master of Research, studying children's diet and academic performance. She has a special interest in factors that affect children's learning. She hopes to inspire, motivate and enable all children to excel at studying and learning through her experience and research.

Occasionally, Jameela would tutor school-aged children. The marked difference in the older children's motivation to study and learn was remarkable. These school-aged children didn't want to study but their parents insisted. Learning became difficult. No matter how much tutoring they had, they did not learn. The motivation was not there.

One of the factors that contribute to motivation for learning is making the lessons interactive and fun. Regardless of what type of teaching Jameela does, she always tries to make it interactive. This goes for children's lessons and workshops as well as for parents' workshops and seminars.

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