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Monday 6 June 2016

Day 1 Better Parenting Challenge 2016

Facial Expressions

Today's action is about using your facial expressions to better guide your child to what you like and dislike for your child to do.

Some parents have facial expressions that are unsmiling and serious. This makes their children nervous and afraid to approach them. Some parents have a smiling and lighthearted facial expression that draws their children to them. 

There are problems with both, if these parents are habitually unsmiling or habitually smiling. For the habitually unsmiling, how will their children know when they've done something good and for the habitually smiling, how will their children know when they've done something wrong?

You need to be able to use the range of facial expressions to convey whether you're pleased or displeased (or hurt, upset and so on).

Today you're going to practice the pleased face. Whenever your child does something good, right, pleasing or anything positive then light up your face.You do this by having a big smile on your face and make eye contact.

This is an easy thing to do but it has other benefits as well as it bring you closer to your child.

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