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Wednesday 3 July 2019

Summertime Quran Journaling Printable

During your children's summer holidays, don't let the learning stop. You can still make it fun! There are so many fun summer activities that makes learning much more interesting. You've got to keep those brain cells active. You know what they say: use it or lose it! 

One way to use it is to reflect on the ayat of the Quran. I've chosen an ayah and used a summer theme to match the wordings in the ayat. This is a great way to start your kids on Quran journaling. This is a good habit to instill in them - to constantly reflect on the ayah of the Quran.

Don't know how to Quran journal? It's easy. Follow these steps:
  1. Read the ayah in Arabic, then its translation.
  2. Read the tafsir. You can get Ibn Kathir's here. Write down the important points.
  3. Reflect on what it means to you. Write it down.
  4. Think about how you can apply this ayah to your life. Write this down.
  5. Colour and decorate.
  6. Remember to take the action.

Interested in Quran Journaling? Read more on how to Quran journal here.
Get more free Quran journaling downloads here (bees) and here (rain) and here (Ramadan).

I have a course on Quran Journaling. Get my Quran Journaling on Friendship ecourse.

If you're looking for more summer fun learning activities, some friends and I have put together this bundle at below half price. Get it while it's this low price.

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