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Saturday 18 August 2018

Quran Journaling for Kids

Quran journaling about haj
Quran journaling about haj. The right side is for reflections and actions to take.

Journaling is a growing trend among many people but what you'll find is that more and more sisters are Quran journaling. Quran journaling is basically journaling about ayahs from the Quran. What I love about it is that it really makes you reflect on these ayahs while at the same time, you're learning the tafsir (explanation). I've recently got into it and I thought this is a really great teaching tool for kids.

It's very hands-on and it allows children to be creative. You could use this to teach in two ways. One way is use it with Quran and tafsir lessons to get kids to reflect on the ayahs that they're learning. The other way is to bring an Islamic element into a subject that your child is learning. For example, your child could be learning about bees so you would look up the ayahs where Allah talks about the bees and journal about those ayahs. (Download this printable bee Quran journaling pages.)

Eat more fruits
Learning about fruits example
So how do you go about Quran journaling?

Sister Ameenah at Mariam Poppins teaches the format of writing:
1. Quran ayah(s)
2. Translation
3. Tafsir (the explanation of the ayah(s) using Ibn Kathir's tafsir)
4. Reflection (your thoughts on the ayah(s) and how it applies to you
5. Action (what you're going to do now that you know what Allah's telling you)

How your child chooses the layout for the design is really up to her as long as she can fit the above five elements onto the page or double page. I find the easiest way is to use stickers. So if your child is learning about flowers and plants then get some flowers and plants stickers or washi tapes. 

If your child is artistic or likes to draw or water paint then provide her with the materials and watch her transform dull note taking into something wonderful. The best part is that she'll get to think about the ayah and reflect on it as well as try to put it into action.

Double page spread

Plain and simple

Single page layout

Title page

If you'd like to learn more about Quran Journaling for kids then take a look at my online course.

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