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Monday 18 November 2019

Quran Journaling about Prophet Muhammad

We worship Allah but it is through the Prophet's character and behaviour that we learn how to worship Allah properly. So we follow Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, because he is our Prophet and will show us the way. But what does it mean to follow the Prophet? 
We must eat as the Prophet eats, sleep like he sleeps, behave the way he behaves. It is doing everything that he does.

As his ummah though, most of us re not doing as he does. We may be doing a bit here and there but we need to do more and be more. Our whole life and our whole behaviour needs to be lived according to how he lives. The only way to do more and be more is to learn more about him.

When we learn more about Prophet Muhammad (s) we will love him more and want to be like him more. If we love him more then we'll follow him better. When we follow him better then we'll be better Muslims.

Make it your mission to learn and get closer to the Prophet (s). Teach it to your children so they too can grow to be better Muslims than what we are now.

Ways to learn about Prophet Muhammad (s):
1. Read his biography
2. Take a course about his life
3. Read, memorise and practice ahadith
4. Quran and hadith journaling
5. Teach it to your children

To help you nurture your children's hearts and minds, try Quran journaling about Prophet Muhammad (s). You can use this Quran journal with stickers. Download 2 sample pages here.

Or, you can use your own book. Here are my examples. Your children can get as creative as they like.

The Prophet Muhammad stickers that you can see in photos 2 and 3 are available here.

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