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Wednesday 4 December 2019

Top 5 Education Posts of 2019

It's December so it's time to do another round up of my top 5 posts for the year. Here, you'll find the best of my content for the year 2019. If you've missed any of these then check them out right now because the content is gold. Don't miss out!

1. Printable Good Deeds Cards For Kids Plus Free Colouring
Teach your child good deeds with these cards. Download the free colouring sheets that accompany these cards.

2. Ramadan Quran Journaling Free Download
Download 2 free Ramadan journaling sheets and learn about what Allah says about Ramadan.


3. How to Study for Exams According to Research
Learn the 3 techniques to help your child study better. Download the poster and hang it on your child's wall to remind your child of these techniques.

4. Quran Journaling on Friendship
Download these 2 worksheets on what Allah says about friends and start journaling today.


5. Understand Your Child's Development: Developing Thinking Skills
Learn the 4 stages of thinking and what you can do in each stage to help your child's thinking skills.

developing thinking skills

What I learn from this is that you all love my free Islamic printables and research-based learning. InshaAllah, next year, as usual, there will be more free Islamic printables and simplified educational theories so you can help your child learn to their full potential.

Jazakumallahu khayran. Thank you for reading my content, downloading and using and benefiting from them. A special thank you for those who have purchased as it helps me to continue to fund this blog and find the time to come up with new content for both free and paid printables (I purchase the cliparts). 

Keep reading and learning!


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