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Saturday 4 November 2017

Free Download: Make Your Own Alphabet Cards Template

Free Download: Make Your Own Alphabet Cards Template in NSW Foundation font
Flashcards are great to use for teaching the letters of the alphabet. You can find many great ones for sale or free to download (check out the ones here on this blog).

But sometimes you want to personalise them so that the pictures on the cards are what your child is familiar with. Or maybe your child is really into something and you want to have themed cards such as farm animals, zoo animals, ocean things, transport or dinasaurs.

I've known children who are car mad, dinosaur mad and 'Frozen' mad who would love to have their own set of cards with these themes. What a great way to motivate them to learn!

Does your child especially love a particular thing? You can use this template to customise your flashcards. Just fill in with the corresponding picture and name.

Not only can you make flashcards, you can use these same templates to customise other things. Here are a few ways that you can use these templates. If you have other uses for them, let me know and send me some pictures so I can add them here.
  • Wall frieze - hang them on your child's wall.
  • Alphabet book - staple them or bind them together. Read it with your child.
  • Exercise book - print and staple them together. Leave them blank so your Prekindy or Kindy child can fill them in. If your child can't draw then have him cut pictures from magazines and catalogues, or use stickers.


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