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Thursday 14 September 2017

Spring And Fall Writing Prompts Download Sheets


Writing is probably the last to develop in children. They begin to read before they write in sentences. I don't know why but parents and teachers tend to focus on getting children to read more than write. I have parents telling me they have taught their children to read and they don't know what else to teach next. 

With prekinders, I tend to teach writing straight after they can sound out words and know a few sight words. These are the two skills they need for writing. As with everything else, practice makes better. Just as children need to read every day, they need to write every day. 

Get your child a diary or journal to write in every day.They can write about anything as long as they write. To this end, to help your child write, here are two writing prompts that you can use.

One has a spring theme and the other is an autumn or fall theme. You will notice that they are not story prompts but are more of a text type prompt. There are about seven or eight text type prompts to get children to write using different formats. 

There are two separate downloads for autumn and fall. They are the same except for the wording and spelling of autumn and colour which I've changed to fall and color for those in the US.

Autumn Writing Prompts

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