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Sunday 3 December 2017

Free Download: Segmenting Words for Spelling

Free Printable Download Spelling Worksheet
When children learn to read they blend the sounds together in a word; this is called decoding. But when children learn to spell they break up the word to its individual sounds; this is called segmentation. One is the opposite of the other. Children must learn to do both to be able to read and write.

This is a child learning to spell by segmenting.

This child is more advanced than the beginning to spell child because he can actually hear the middle vowel sound. Most children in the early stages can only hear the consonants in words, usually the first and last sounds.

This sample writing will show you the early stage of writing.

To get children to hear the vowel sounds they need to practice with worksheets that allow them to fill in the missing letters for each sound. If they miss a letter then they will know as there will be an extra space not yet filled. Here is a printable worksheet that I made to help you teach your child to segment words. Here download free.

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