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Tuesday 6 September 2022

Importance of Correct Pronounciation of Arabic: Makharij


To pronounce words correctly, we need to know how to produce the sounds - from the placement of the parts of the tongue or lips to the flow of air. We all know that one wrong sound could change an entire Arabic word. To maintain the preservation of the Quran, each sound needs to be produced correctly.
It's easier when children first learn to read or memorise the Quran, they are first taught the correct pronounciations. It is much harder to come back later and correct it as old habits are hard to change.

This is the aim of Al Qasas. They are trying to make it fun for children to learn the correct makharij. Visit their website for resources. Here are some free resources from their website. 

With that in mind, Al Qasas has asked a few of us bloggers and Instagrammers to do makharij activities for children. Follow the hashtag #tajweedmadefun for all the contributions.

For my activity, my focus was on the letter ra. With ra, the tip of the tongue should be touching the inside gum line of the upper teeth. So for the first activity, I had children cut out the mouth and tongue. Glue the mouth to a cardboard and hang it on the wall. Attach the tongue to the end of a stick or pencil. This will be the pointer. Have children point and touch the tip of the tongue pointer to the inside of the gum line of the top teeth. Say ra.

For the second activity, cut the four pictures out and make them into flashcards. Children can practice saying the letter ra with them. Rajul means man. Rumman is pomegranate. Risha is feather and ra's is head. When children say these words, make sure that their tongues are in the correct position at the gum line behind the top teeth. 

Follow the hashtag #tajweedmadefun on Instagram for makharij activities for the other Arabic letters.

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