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Tuesday 18 August 2020

Free Hijri Learning Calendar Download


A new year is about to begin on our Islamic Hijri calendar. The month of Muharram marks the beginning of the new year. So how well do your children know the Islamic months? If not at all then it's time to teach it.

It's important for children to know the Islamic months because most of the important dates are from the Hijri calendar. Most of us know Ramadan is for fasting and hajj occurs during Dhul Hijjah but when did Isra and Miraj occur? What about the Battle of Badr and all the other battles of significance during our Prophet's time? Knowing the basic months will help to put things into context as children get older.

How can you teach the Islamic months? Little children learn quickly by listening and singing nasheeds. This is the most recognised Islamic months nasheed. If you and your children haven't heard of it then it's time to get acquainted. Sing this nasheed every morning before changing the date and month on the free My Hijri Calendar. It's important that the calendar is worked on and changed every day so children can see the changing days and months.

These are the instructions. You'll also find them on the printout.

  1. Download
  2. Print and laminate
  3. Cut out the date month and year
  4. Place blu tac on the back of the appropriate cards
  5. Place on the Hijri Calendar
  6. Read the calendar, pointing to each word
  7. Change each day.

Looking for more Hijri calendar fun? Download this free Hijri calendar cut and paste activity book for little kids learning numbers 1 to 12 as well.

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  1. Jazakallah Khair. Im going to print this for my class today inshaAllah


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