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Saturday 29 August 2020

My Hijri Calendar Cut & Paste For Little Kids


Read the importance of using the Hijri calendar in my previous post. Since my last post was hugely popular and I've been requested for more resources on the Hijri calendar, I've created this simple calendar for little kids. 

It basically get kids to match the number to the Islamic month. It's good for learning or revising the numbers from 1 to 12. As usual, cutting and pasting (and colouring) is great for fine motor skills development.

Download this calendar book here and follow the instructions:

  1. Cut along the dotted line.
  2. Colour in the correct month number.
  3. Cut out the square and paste it on the month calendar.
  4. Colour in the border.
  5. Decorate as you wish, for example, with g;itter, stickers, washi tape etc

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