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Sunday 14 July 2013

Ramadan Mubarak Activities

To kick start our Ramadan lessons we made decorations. The one pictured above is a poster and was drawn freehand and the children were given decorative items with which to decorate the poster. Such things include foam stickers, glitter stars, star stickers, glitter, feathers, jewel stickers.

Similarly, we made banners. I taped A4 paper together to form a long sheet. I wrote Ramadan on this. Some children decorated this.

Then I made another one and wrote Mubarak on it. Other children decorated this.

I made another one with only pictures. Another group of children decorated it. I could continue making more sheets - it depended on how many children I had.

Finally, I stuck the sheets together to form one big banner. I could also tape the sheets lengthwise to form one really long banner if I had the room to hang it. Making a banner is really versatile - you could make it as big and as long as you have children and space.

The following are cards, using A4 cardstock folded in half. The children were given embellishments that they could place anywhere they wanted. The words 'Ramadan Mubarak' were written afterwards on any available free space.

This card was made by a 12 year old

We made lanterns which look quite nice if placed under the lights - you could see the different colours shining from the cellophane. To make this, I precut the shapes out of black paper (much like you would make a snowflake but I made sure the shapes are big as it would be easier to handle by prekinders. But older children can cut the shapes out themselves). They then apply glue to the black paper and stick on bits of colour cellophane. Attach a handle and they are ready to hang.

Older children made these ones. They cut the black paper themselves.

The cellophane is quite pretty. It actually looks like fire shining out of the lantern.

Prekinders made these. I cut the shapes out for them. As you can see the shapes are simple and large. I decided to let them use colour tissue paper instead of cellophane. It's pretty but not as nice as the cellophane lanterns.

You can compare the two and decide which one you like better.

I've decided to leave half of them flat and hang them on the window for a stain glass effect. It looks quite nice so I wonder if the cellophane ones would look twice as nice?

We also did colour in. I made this stencil that you could download for free. Let the children colour in and, similar to the poster above, let them decorate it by adding glitter, stickers and so on.

This is what the sheet looks like and you can download it here.

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