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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Mosaic Masjid

Those who read my blog regularly will know that I love to make mosaics. (See my and my students mosaic artworks.) This time, though, I wanted something that my prekinders could easily make. If you know about mosaics, you will know that it is fiddly and messy - 2 things you don't want around prekinders!

Alhamdulillah, I've found these flat wooden mosaic pieces that are dyed in different colours (although I should have bought other colours such as red and green to brighten it up a bit). This was quite easy for the children to use. They first applied glue to the masjid picture (which I'd found off the internet and which had to be large without much details). After this, they placed the wooden pieces onto the picture. The effect is quite nice. 

I went back to get some more of the wooden squares but they didn't have anymore so I bought some coloured foam sheets instead. I then cut it into 1 cm strips then cut again into 1 cm squares (with the help of one student who loves to be my helper). It worked just as well but more colourful.

Below are pictures of the children working on their mosaic. It requires a lot of patience to sit there and place each tiny square individually onto the picture.

 This is also an excellent exercise in sorting colours (and fine motor skills).

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