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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Ramadan Activities From Karima's Crafts

There's this fantastic craft blog that has 30 Days of Ramadan crafts called 'Karima's Crafts'. I have used some of her crafts that I will post here. Some of them I did a variation. For the mosque picture above, I had the children use watercolour. (Those who have been following this blog will know how much I love to use watercolour for children's art lessons! Watercolour is so pretty, children can't go wrong using it. For those interested in my lessons using watercolour, please do a search on art lessons on this blog.)

For the door hanger below children coloured it in and added star stickers and stamped stars onto it

My prekinders also made a Ramadan bunting. We used a star shape for ours:

Children varied in their abilities to colour. Some scribbled, some coloured but left white spaces while others coloured in perfectly. This is all part of their development.

Children also varied in their cutting. It's to be expected. 

Here is the template for the star bunting. You will find that there are 2 different templates. One is without the letters to 'Ramadan' while the other one has the letters on it. This is because if you are using this with prekinders then use the blank stars, have the children colour in, cut out then you write the letters on the stars. Children at this level will not know how to string the stars in the right sequence to form the word Ramadan. Now if you are using this with older children then use the stars with letters (of course you could let the older children use the blank stars and have them write the letters themselves onto the stars - up to you).

A note on using the stars - it is time consuming because cutting the stars requires precision cutting. Those who can do it will take it slowly and those who can't will let you cut - so you could end up cutting a lot of stars - which is time consuming! But it was worth it because I wanted to have a star shape rather than a triangle as buntings usually are shaped. Perhaps next year, insha Allah, I will use a mosque shape instead because cutting it might be easier ;)

These are the Eid lolly 'bags'. A bit fiddly for prekinders but it was worth it. They were so excited to make them and even more excited for me to fill them with goodies.


  1. Assalamualaikum, I just saw your post now! So glad you liked my crafts! Hope you had a great Eid.

    1. Wa alaykum salam. I just love your blog. Keep those crafts coming!


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