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Wednesday 15 July 2015

Coupons as Eid Gifts for All Ages

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For this Eid, you don't have to spend a lot money on giving the perfect gift for your family and friends. Give something of yourself that comes from your heart. When you give your time to doing something for others, the reward and appreciation is much more satisfying.
Try giving your family and friends special coupons that offer something that you can do for them. You could give them your attention, a helping hand on projects, cooking, cleaning or anything that you can think of that you want to give. But remember, you are giving of yourself not some materialistic item.

To redeem it, the person that you gave it to, gives it back to you whenever she wants to have that offer.

Your children can make their own coupons to give away as well. These are great for children as they don't always have money to buy something and it teaches them that their time is valuable and that they can gift it to others. 

Here are some examples of blank coupons that you or your children can fill in and colour. You can download them here:

You can cut them out and give individually or you can cut them then staple them together to give as a booklet. If you give them as a booklet, you can put them in an envolope or make a book cover by cutting a rectangle and laying it on top of the stack before stapling them together. Decoarate as you wish.

I have also made a complete colour version that has everything filed in so you don't have to. Just print, cut out. If you're making it into a booklet, the cover is included. Cut the large rectangle out and decorate. Then fold in half and place all the coupons inside before you staple it. You can download it using the link under the colour coupon picture above.

This Eid, we're making these coupons to give each other. It'll be fun to see what my kids can come up with to give me. :)

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