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Wednesday 16 May 2018

Ramadan Moon Mobile Printable Craft

Ramadan Mubarak!

To get your children excited for Ramadan, read a book about it or just talk about it to them. Afterwards, they can make a craft to hang up to remind them that it's Ramadan.

This was what I did with my prekinders each year and they get so excited, especially after their craft.

This year the craft is this Ramadan moon mobile. Download below.


1. Download and print the Ramadan Moon sheet.

2. Colour it in.
3. Cut the moon and star out.
4. Spread glue onto the star.
5. Sprinkle glitter ovr the star.
6. Take one piece of string and tape it to the back of the star.
7. Take another sticky tape and use it to tape the same string about one quarter or one third of the way up from the star to the back of the top of the moon.
8. Hang it up.

For another Ramadan Mubarak Star and Moon Mobile, click here.


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