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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Free Download: 3 Watermelon Activities

Who doesn't love eating watermelon during the hot summer months? Think of the sweet juicy goodness going down your throat! Hmmm.

To tantalise children even further, I've got a download here that you can do with your children. There's a maths, craft and writing activity involving watermelons. Of course, you can use the watermelon templates to come up with your own activities. (Let me know of how you've used them!)

I usually do watermelons when we come to the letter w. These three activities would be a great complement to teaching the letter w.

Here's a counting song that I made up that you can sing to the tune of Frere Jacque:

Watermelon, watermelon,
In the sun, in the sun,
Red and sweet and juicy, red and sweet and juicy,
I'll have one, I'll have one.

Watermelon, watermelon,
Where are you? Where are you?
Red and sweet and juicy, red and sweet and juicy,
I'll have two, I'll have two.

Watermelon, watermelon,
Good for me, good for me
Red and sweet and juicy, red and sweet and juicy,
I'll have three, I'll have three.

You can download the 3 Watermelon Activities here.

Here's a watermelon book that you might like to read to your children (my affiliate link). It's about a crocodile whose fear is to swallow a watermelon seed. I used to have that fear (lol) when I was little but did you know that the watermelon seed is actually good for you? But these days it's become a rare thing to have watermelon seeds because of the seedles variety!

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  1. You are doing supper work. I downloaded many worksheets . Jazak Allah


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