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Monday 14 April 2014

Free Space Theme Bookmarks

Take your pick!
Bookmarks come in all shapes, sizes and styles but the best ones are the thin paper types. Why? Because they don't damage the books! I have many different bookmarks and it pains me when the pretty metal ones leave marks on my precious books. I mean, normal wear through reading is fine but avoidable tear is not.

My eldest has a habit of making dog-ears from the corners of books to mark his place. To me, this is absolutely unnecessary when he could easily slip in a paper bookmark. If a proper bookmark is not handy then a scrap piece of paper lying around would do just fine!

Bookmarks are a great tool to encourage children to read. If you give a child a great bookmark then chances are, he would want to use it immediately. So here are three bookmarks with a space theme for you to download. Two are coloured while the last one is black and white for children who want to colour. 

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