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Monday 4 April 2016

Book Review: Islamic Nursery Rhymes

Title: Islamic Nursery Rhyme
Author: Elizabeth Lymer
Illustrator: Fatimah De Vaux Davies
Paperback (ebook also available)
Age: preschool-7 years old

Islamic Nursery Rhymes is an endearing collection of nursery rhymes for young children to learn about the beautiful ways of Islam in a lovely experience of singing with their parents and elders. The rhymes in the book are traditional nursery rhymes reworded with timeless Islamic meaning.

All young children love to sing. If you can include a song or nursery rhyme to your teaching then it will make the learning experience interactive and fun. As a teacher, I'm always on the lookout for 'halal' songs that the children can learn from.

The rhymes in this book are great for this. I just love the one about praying called 'The Muslims Round the World' that is sung to the tune of 'The Grand Old Duke of York'. I would teach the children this rhyme when teaching them about the prayer positions.
By Elizabeth Lymer
1. Sing this nursery rhyme a few times then have the children practice the prayer positions.

2. You can play a game of Simon Says (you can change the name to Allah Says) where the children go into the prayer positions (stand, ruku, sujud, jalsa, takbir etc) when 'Allah Says'. But when you say to go into other positions that are not part of the prayer (lay down, raise your leg, hands in the air etc) then the children are not to follow you.

3. Make this Salah Wheel Craft to learn the prayer positions.
Download it here
The above are a few examples of what you can do with one of the rhymes in this book. There are other nursery rhymes that your children will grow to love. Teach them to your children and make lessons around them.

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  1. I read another review about the book some where else. It looks interesting :-)

    1. Yes, it's an alternative to teaching only the classical rhymes. I do teach children the original versions because rhymes are great for teaching children about sounds and a great many other things. But it's also good to have Islamic ones to teach children about Islam.


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