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Friday 16 June 2017

Free Download: Eid Activity Book for Little Kids

Due to the popularity of the Ramadan and Hajj Activity Books for Little Kids, I've made a complement book on Eid. It takes children through the ten things that we do from when we wake up on the day of Eid: take a shower, use the miswak, put on clean clothes, spray perfume (for boys), eat a date (for Eid ul Fitr), takbir, going to the Eid prayer, zakat al Fitr (for Eid ul Fitr), Eid prayer and dua.

It can be used for both Eids, just take out the eating of a date and the zakat when using it for Eid ul Adha.

The style of the worksheets is much similar to the other two books. If you haven't got them yet then be sure to do so (click on the above links). 

P.S. Do you also know that I have a similar Masjid Activity Book for Little Kids? Get it here.


  1. I can not download eid for little children ? Is there also Salah for little children

    1. It's been fixed. Please try again. Good idea! Might do the salah next insha Allah.


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