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Friday 16 June 2017

Letter of the Week: b for bees

I've got a lot of toilet paper rolls and have been wondering what to do with them. When we learnt the letter t, I was going to have the children make a tree with them but there's nothing much they could do with the tree except maybe use it as a prop for their toys.

Just as well that I didn't because they make great bees especially with the adhesive funny foam eyes that I've recently found. The eyes really gave them a personality of their own.

Here's how we've made them:

These are the materials that we've used:
Oh I forgot to include the paper rolls in the above photo!

1. Prepare by cutting strips of 10cm yellow paper and wings from a different colours.

2. Give each child a strip of yellow paper and have them draw horizontal lines along the length of the paper with a black felt marker.

3. Turn the paper over (with un-drawn side facing up) and apply glue to the un-drawn side. Wrap the yellow paper around the paper roll.

4. Apply glue to the middle of the wings and attach it to the back of the bee.

5. Stick the eyes on and draw in the mouth. Attach the antennae by bending it in half and use sticky tape to stick it to the inside of the roll behind the eyes.

This is the bee that I've made beforehand so that I could show the children. When I pulled this one out, one of the children cried out, "Minion Bee!" It didn't even occurred to me that it looked like a Minion. Lol.

Looking at it after she had said it, made me realised that it could easily be a Minion bee. 

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