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Sunday 3 July 2016

A Dress for Eid: A Book of Colours Book Review Plus Free Printable Colour Activity Book Download

Title: A Dress for Eid: A Book of Colours
Author: Jameela Ho
Format: Kindle eBook
Age: 2-5 years old

Learn the colours with Ruqayya and Rabeah as they decorate a dress for Eid.

A Dress for Eid was originally a board book. It was book number 5 of a set of 5 books from the Beginning to Learn Series. It was printed in 2008 but have since ran out of stock. 

It was a popular set of books to read to young children as it taught them about basic concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colours and transportation through the pillars of Islam.

This particular book, A Dress for Eid, teaches children about the colours, namely pink, black, yellow, blue, red, orange, purple and green.

As you can see from the pages below, two little girls, Ruqayya and Rabeah, are looking for coloured things to decorate their white dress to make it special for Eid. Join them as they get ready for Eid with an up-cycle dress.

2 page view from the board book.
The kindle version will have a one page view and have pop up interactions.
To complement A Dress for Eid book and help your child with learning the colours, I have created this printable colour activity book for you to download.

These are the pages inside this activity book. There are 10 worksheets. They will help your child to recognise and look for colours and also to cut and paste.

Click here to download

If you like to purchase A Dress for Eid, you can do so here (my affiliate link):

To read more about Book 2 of the series, Fast Not Food, click here, where you can also download a shape activity book for free.

To get the complete set of Beginning to Learn Series in PDF, click here.
Buy it here


  1. jazakALLAh sis Jameela, great effort,
    really looking forward to read and review it.
    JazakALLAH Khair.

  2. A dress for Eid looks like a lovely book. I love how it's Islamic but also teaches the colours

  3. Great effort.A good book for children..

  4. This looks really cute :) I love that kids can enjoy it whilst also having an Islamic influence too.

  5. Oh that looks like a cute book! Perfect for the little ones! JazakAllah khair for the download


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