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Monday 27 June 2016

21 Days of Better Parenting Challenge 2016 Roundup

Now that we've finished the 21 days Better Parenting Challenge it doesn't mean that it's over. You can come back here any time you want and go through each day's challenge on your own. 

On this post you'll find all 21 Days of the Better Parenting links. I've gathered them up and put them into one post so you can come back here and click on the days that you want. 

When you've finished a challenge action and you want to talk about it then come over to my private Facebook group Better Parenting Challenge. Just type in the day that you're doing and feel free to type away. I'm always there to listen.

Inroduction and Calendar Download

Day 1: Facial Expressions

Day 2: Gestures

Day 3: Body Position

Day 4: Paralanguage

Day 5: Touch

Day 6: Talk

Day 7: Encouraging Words

Day 8: Positive Feedback

Day 9: Positive Phrasing

Day 10: Avoid Negative Words

Day 11: Corrective Feedback

Day 12: Love Notes

Day 13: Write a Letter

Day 14: Active Listening

Day 15: Mindfulness

Day 16: Emotion Coaching

Day 17: Rules

Day 18: Practice

Day 19: Benefits

Day 20: Choices

Day 21: Charts

If you like this Better Parenting Challenge and want more then get my Set of 3 Parenting eBooks. This challenge was based on these and also on my new book (more on this later).

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