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Saturday 18 June 2016

Day 13 Better Parenting Challenge 2016

Write a Letter

And I mean a handwritten letter.

In this technological world that we now live in, the handwritten letter is fast becoming a lost form of communication. But there is still something very special about receiving a handwritten letter.

It could be because it shows the time and effort the person has put in to actually writing it or maybe becasue it's so rare that makes it's special. Maybe it's the personalised nature of the handwriting as each person's handwriting is unique to that person, much like a fingerprint. It shows that you have left your own personal mark on it.

Whatever the reason is, the fact remains that it is special.

Today's challenge action is to hand write a letter to your child, not your child of today but to your child in a few year's time. 

This is easy to do when your child is young because you can still feel the love for him or her. Capture this love down onto paper then seal it away. Keep it and when your child comes of age give it to him or her. 

This works especially well when your child is young and you give it when he's a teenager. When you do this he'll see your love for him in the difficult teenage years. It also works when your child is a teenager and you write to his young adult version. He'll see what your aims and hopes are for him. You choose the age that you want to write to.

When you have done this then come and join me on my private Facebook group 'Better Parenting Challenge' where we can have a group discussion on today's action or anything about parenting.

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