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Friday 17 June 2016

Day 12 Better Parenting Challenge 2016

Love Notes

Surprise your child with a love note today.

Love notes are brief notes to express how you feel about your child. It is still a form of communication and keeps you connected with your child in a supportive and encouraging way.

Just scribble a loving thought onto paper and place it somewhere where your child will likely see it. It could be in his pencil case, on her pillow, in his bag or book, on her bedroom mirror or on a wall. You could do one or a few and scatter them around the house or her workbook for your child to find them.

Imagine your child's surprise and delight when he or she finds it. It will surely bring a smile to your child's face and he will feel loved. 

Today's challenge action is to write a short love note and tuck it somewhere for your child to find. If your child is young and cannot read yet then sketch a picture that will convey that love.

When you have done this then come and join me on my private Facebook group 'Better Parenting Challenge' where we can have a group discussion on today's action or anything about parenting.

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