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Saturday 25 June 2016

Day 20 Better Parenting Challenge 2016


No one likes to be told what to do all the time. We'd like to make our own decisions on what to do now and then. Since children are young and are still learning, they don't know what to do most of the time. So we tend to tell them what to do all the time.

Parents need to let children have some control in their lives and make a few decisions. When children can make their own decisions they will be more motivated to do what they have chosen.

This is where choice comes in. Instead of telling your child what to do, you can give your child a choice of two or three things to do. In this way, your child can choose from among the things that you want him or her to do.

Today's challenge action is to let your child choose from a selection of things to do instead of telling him or her to do something.

When you have done this then come and join me on my private Facebook group 'Better Parenting Challenge' where we can have a group discussion on today's action or anything about parenting.

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