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Sunday 26 June 2016

Day 21 Better Parenting Challenge 2016

Chart Your Child's Behaviour

In order for you and your child to see his or her progress, it is a good idea to chart it.

The simplest way to chart it is when you see your child doing the positive behaviour, you immediately respond with a feedback and then put a tick or sticker next to your child's name.

You may decide on giving a reward when your child has accumulated a certain number of ticks or stickers such as going on a special outing. It depends on you but don't overdo it.

Some children are visual so to see that they can do something, helps to encourage them more.

For today's challenge action think of a positive behaviour that your child needs to learn, teach it and track it.

When you have done this then come and join me on my private Facebook group 'Better Parenting Challenge' where we can have a group discussion on today's action or anything about parenting.

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