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Wednesday 8 June 2016

Day 3 Better Parenting Challenge 2016

Body Position

When your child speaks to you, make it a habit to turn your face and body towards him or her. This shows that you are giving your child your full attention. 

Imagine talking to someone who is half turned away from you. Can you remember an incident like this? How did it made you feel? And have you ever done this to your child? 

This usually occurs when parents are busy doing something and their child tries to talk to them. It's so easy to continue to do what you're doing and not look at your child. In truth, you're so busy doing what you're doing and are only half listening to your child.

I know that when I do this to my child, he'll say "You're not listening to me!" and I'll try to deny it, thinking that I can multi-task. But the reality is, and science has proved, that we can't multi-task. The quality of what we're trying to do all at once, goes down.

Today's action is to position your body to be open and receptive to your child. This means to turn your body and face towards your child whenever he or she is communicating with you. This also means to NOT fold the arms or have a hand on your hip as these have negative body language.

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