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Monday 24 May 2021

Mixed Media Masjid Al Aqsa Art for Teens

If you're looking for an art project for your teens about what's been happening in Palestine then try this mixed media art collage. It uses things that are available around the house such as newspaper, recycle paper, brown paper bag or box, Eid cards or washi tapes. These are the masjids within the Al Aqsa Mosque complex - the Masjid Al Qibli and The Dome of the Rock. You can educate your children about these two masjids while doing this art activity.
  • Newspaper clippings about Palestine, Al Aqsa or Sheikh Jarrah, if you don't have then download this PDF that I've compiled using Al Jazeera and ABC. Print it onto the back of a piece of recycled paper.
  • Brown paper bag or brown box
  • Black paper from packaging or black paint and recycled paper
  • Gold packaging or gold/yellow paint and recycled paper
  • Cream, brown and blue decorative papers from packaging or washi tapes
  • Watercolour or acrylic paints
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Art journal or a cardboard from a cereal box or packaging.
  • Black marker
  1. Cut out the newspaper clippings or print the news clipping and cut it out. If using a cereal box for the background then cut it into a square or rectangle to a size that you like. Lay the news clippings onto the cardboard to cover it. Do the same if using an art journal. Glue news clippings into place. Let dry. 

  2. Make the Masjid Al Qibli by cutting the brown paper/cardboard into a small rectangle. Cut a dome out of the black paper and attach it to the brown rectangle using a brown washi tape. If you don't have washi tape then glue a decorative brown strip of paper to the dome and the rectangle.
    Use a brown paper bag, box or packaging for the building

  3. Make the Dome of the Rock by cutting the cream paper into a rectangle and a dome out of the gold or yellow paper. Attach the dome to the building using blue washi tapes or blue decorative paper strips.

  4. When the news clipping background has dried, draw in the Palestinian flag. It's basically a rectangle on the left and then 3 lines. Use water paint to paint the triangle red, the top rectangle black and the bottom rectangle green. Leave the middle white. If using acrylic paint then water down the paints by adding water to dilute it. By diluting the paints, you'll get a thin layer of the colour so the words from the news clippings can still be seen. Let dry.

  5. Decide where you want to place the two masjids over the news clippings. Glue them down.

  6. Add details to the masjid such as archways and outline the masjid using the black marker.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you want to do more art journaling then try this free Quran Art Journaling. Or try this free Quran Art Journaling class.

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