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Wednesday 23 June 2021

How to Make Eidi Envelope Notebooks


For the next Eid, try making this Eid envelope and mini notebook to gift to your children. You can make this for your children or you can have them to make it and gift to their family and friends. Simply take a standard envelope, fold in half, fill with paper cut to size, decorate and you're done. Oh and fill the pockets with sticker goodies and money. Full instructions below.
There are 2 front pockets and 2 secret pockets. The rest are paper stapled together.


a. Fold the envelope in half so that the opening flap is at the bottom and on the inside.
b. Cut across the top of the envelope  (the non-flap side) so that there is a pocket.
a. Gather some papers and cut it to the size of the envelope. 
b. Fold in half and place inside the envelope as you would for book pages. The envelope is the cover.

a. To staple the pages to the cover, tuck one side of the notebook in so the stapler can reach the centre fold line.
b.  Staple then smooth out the bend.
c. Glue down the side edge of the flaps to form pockets so stickers can still be put inside (one one the inside front cover and one on the inside back cover).


a. Decorate the front cover. You can write Eid Mubarak.
b. Fill in the envelope flap pockets with stickers and anything flat.
c. Slip a money note inside the secret pocket and maybe a letter in the other.
d. The pages can be used to write, draw or colour etc by the children.

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