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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Quran Art Journaling about Allah's Signs: Grapes


Have you tried Quran Art Journaling? It's a combination of Quran journaling and art journaling. I've written briefly about this before and did a short overview of the step in a free video that you could follow along. If that video was too short and you want something longer with more details that takes you from beginning to the end in real time then I have a free class for you.

This time, I'll be journaling on ayats 36:34-25 where Allah tells us about how He provided us with gardens of fruits and water and how we should show Him gratitude for His mercy and blessings upon us. If you or your children would like to journal along with me then enroll in this class. It's completely free!

Art is always a motivating activity for children. When you combine art with learning about the Quran then inshaAllah, you've got a highly engaging class that children will want to do. This is a great way to get your children to read and reflect on the ayats of the Quran.

It's about a 30 minutes class. By the end of it, you or your child will have learnt something about what Allah is telling us in the Quran and also a piece of artwork to remember the lesson. Go on, enroll now. Click this link.

In case you've finished that grape journaling class and want more, here's another class on Quran art journaling about the bees.

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