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Thursday 10 December 2015

Masking Tape Letter Painting

It's the end of the school year again and as usual my students did some kind of acrylic painting on canvas. This year we did three different types of paintings in the different classes.

The toddler class made a handprint painting. First, they were given foam brushes to paint however they liked on the canvas. Then I painted their hands with black paint and made an imprint onto their dried canvas painting. I did this before with another toddler group in a previous year

For one of my prekindy class this year, I used masking tape to tape down random lines for the children to paint over. After the paintings were dried I then peeled off the masking tape to reveal straight white lines. 

It was a nice abstract type of painting but there was something missing. I wanted it to be more personalised. So I thought what about if instead of random lines I taped down the children's initial instead? Yes! I actually like these much better.

How to paint a letter using masking tape:

1. Use masking tape to form the letter of your child's name.
2. Let child paint over the entire canvas using different coloured paints. I find that foam brushes are much better at blending the paints. Let dry.
3. Peel off the masking tapes and watch your child's surprise as the letter appears.
4. Hang up and admire your child's creativity.

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