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Monday 9 December 2013

Painting with Toddlers

This is a simple method of painting for toddlers.

1. Set up a canvas and a thick brush for the toddler.
2. Using one paint colour at a time, dip the brush into the paint and hand it to the toddler. Let him paint on the canvas anyway he wants.
3. Wash the brush and dip into another colour. Do the same and change colour until most of the canvas is covered with paint.
4. Take the brush away. Let the painting dry.
5. Use the paintbrush to dip in black paint and paint the toddler's palm.
6. Press his hand onto the dried painted canvas. Lift his hand up and there should be a handprint.

7. To finish off, you could write or paint his name in black and his age. What you have is a painting done by the toddler and a momento of his handprint at this age.

These ones below were made by 3-5 year olds.
Before: I love the bright colourful backgrounds.

After: The handprint gives it a personal touch.

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