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Friday 4 December 2015

Book Review: Hurayrah the Cat The Snake Catcher

Hurayrah the Cat Book Review
What is a cute cat to do when he can't find his favourite person? He goes in search of him, of course.

This is a fictional story about a cat supposedly owned by Abu Huraira, the Prophet's companion. Hurayrah goes in search of his Abu everywhere and even encounters a snake. He saves the day with his bravery. Find out how he saves the day and whether he finds Abu Huraira by reading the book.

This is a good book to read to your preschool child. It is a hardcover and is fairly big (24.5cm by 23cm) so the pictures are big and bright that will draw your child's attention as you read. The story is told through the cat's point of view so your child will see the story through Hurayrah's thoughts.

Your child will enjoy this story of a cat with the excitement of a snake encounter thrown in. What children do not like animal stories? I've read this to my group of prekinders and they've enjoyed it.

Qaswa the Camel is also in the story
Hurayrah The Cat The Snake Catcher by Farah Morely and illustrated by Alexandra Nyerges is published by The Islamic Foundation in 2014.

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