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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Teaching and Learning from an Islamic Perspective


Title: Teaching and Learning from an Islamic Perspective
Author: J. Ho. A. Ho, M. Khan, M. Siddiq, T. Moslih, 
For: Teachers and Parents

I've contributed to another book. This one is about teaching and learning. There's a chapter on learning, memory and the Quran, mathematics, science, reading and writing, history and special needs. The main theme is about how to include Islam into the teaching of these subjects. Each topic is written by a teacher who is experienced in this area. There are many activities that you can use or take as examples for your own lessons.

The purpose behind this book is to help teachers and parents see how easy it is to include Islam into their teaching of these subjects. Islam should permeate throughout our children's lives. It should not be separated from the different subjects. When children see that Islam is ever present in everything then they will begin to see that Islam has relevancy in their daily lives.

This was what I wrote as my intention for this book:
It's so important that Islam is integrated into every facet of learning so that children can see the connection between Allah and everything He created or allowed to be created. In my first chapter on the Quran and Learning, I wanted parents and teachers to see the importance of the Quran at the heart of learning. When children memorise the Quran or even just listen to the Quran, their memory and the capacity for learning increases. This is based on 'modern' research.

Aishah Ho's chapter on mathematics
Traditionally, mathematics was part of a learning process for an educated person. Unfortunately, nowadays people disregard mathematics and have an aversion to learn it. Most people do not realised that mathematics in essence teaches us to structure our thinking process in order to identify patterns, to critically analyse the patterns and to finally make conclusions about the patterns. When we study these patterns in our world and the universe, we will see Allah’s signature or stamp on His creations. From an Islamic perspective, we can see that mathematics lead us to Allah.

Mariam Siddiq's history chapter:
Islam teaches us to pursue beneficial knowledge. It has been this focus on gaining beneficial lessons that has inspired me to share my knowledge and understanding of how to approach the study of history. We can easily fall into the trap of viewing history from a detached and distant lens. Islam, however, grounds us and ensures that we pursue history with the intent to find the truth and gain wisdom.

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