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Thursday 2 February 2017

We Are Muslims Activity

It was the first day back at prekindy classes for the new year and as usual, I taught the children about their Muslim identity. I read a book called 'We are Muslims, Alhamdulillah' and had a discussion afterwards about being Muslims. It depended on the family's homelife, but most children would say that Muslims pray and their mums wear hijab. In the classes, usually about half of the girls wear the hijab themselves so they knew this anyway.

After the discussion, we made the Muslim children 'gingerbread' chain. This was what we did:

These were the things that we used.

1. Using the coloured papers, cut out these shapes.

The boy's pants were cut the same as the girl's dress above but it was cut shorter from the waist and the legs were cut out by cutting a smaller triangle from the bottom (see photo below. The boy's top was simple a piece of rectangle.

2.Have children draw in facial features if you wish.

3. Provide children with paper shapes and glue for them to stick the clothing over the gingerbread men.

There is another Muslim boy and Muslim girl activity that I usually do as well. Go here to read about it.

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