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Tuesday 7 February 2017

Charity Balls Book Review and Trailer

Title: Charity balls
Author: Jameela Ho
Illustrator: Aishah Ho
Age: 3-5 year olds

When Rabeah discovers the meaning of zakat, she goes in search of her balls. She wants to give them away so that other children will have balls to play with too!
This is an interactive book that allows children to count with Rabeah as she searches for her balls.

I wrote this book a long time ago to help my nephews and nieces count. Yes, Rabeah is my niece and she's 21 years old now. Finally, alhamdulillah, with Amazon I'm able to publish it. 

It's a cumulative counting book which means that starting on page one, Rabeah finds 1 ball then two on the next page then 3 and so on, up to 10. This will reinforce the counting sequence. Since it's an interactive book that requirs children to find the balls, it also helps them with counting with one to one correspondence.

Watch the video below with your child and see if you can find and count all the balls. The video mainly focuses on the last page where Rabeah has to find all ten balls. Hope your child enjoys it! (Pardon my voice - it's a bit hoarse. I tried to get my son to do it but !)

Click here if video does not work:

If you're ready to buy the book then click below (my affiliate link):

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