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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Springtime Cards

It is spring holidays here and the children in my school holiday program are busy with all sorts of art and craft activities. The idea for these cards came when I looked at all the brightly coloured flower and bug stickers that I had. I wanted them to stand out so they needed a plain neutral background rather than a coloured or patterned one. The effect was striking.

The stickers themselves were three dimensional - there were things sticking out, some were made from foam or wood and the butterflies were from wire and fabric. In real life the cards were quite lovely. The problem I had was what to use to write on it. I had intended to use gold or silver pen - but I had forgotten to bring them. So I searched through my drawers and the only thing that would stand out against the black was the liquid paper pen. The effect was striking indeed.

Hers' a close up of two of them:

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