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Saturday 28 September 2013

Abstract First Letter Name Painting

I bought these small 10 cm square canvases at the shop that I thought would come in handy for an art lesson. I didn't want to buy those bigger canvases because some of the children won't have the patience to finish it. These were small so it would take the children no time at all to paint it but I didn't know what to do with them. 

I thought of letting the children paint their first letter initial since it was a nice size for it. But then how would they paint it to make it look nice? The easiest way was to paint the letter in bold black so the background would need to be colourful. Which lead me to think of colourful abstract dabs - easy for the children to do - or so I thought!

I asked the children to first use one colour to make little dabs all over the canvas then after that use another colour and do the same and so on. This was how it turned out when prekindy children did it:

H for Hatib

And this was how the kindergarten student did it:
H for Hesham

Each one quite lovely and abstract in their own way.

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