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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Free Islamic Inspirational Stories for Kids


These are free reading comprehension worksheets with Islamic moral stories. There are 3 different levels. There are also the Ramadan bonus books for children and family. These are brought to you by Anar Publications. They've asked that I host these here on my website. Enjoy!
Click on the links to download from below:

Free Islamic Inspirational and Motivational Stories Foundation Level


  1. ��Anar publications presents ✨✨
    ��Inspirational and motivating stories COMPLETE activity booklet for Muslim kids:
    �� Foundation level ages 5-7
    �� Intermediate level ages 7-9
    �� Higher level ages 8-11 +

    ��Designed for homeschooling and NON homeschooling

    ��Each booklet containes:
    ��Inspirational and motivating stories
    ��️Questions and activites for every story
    ��Fun Islamic wordsearch sheets
    ��️Quran practise worksheets
    ��Dictionary practice sheets.
    ��️Hadith practice sheets.
    �� Islamic arts and crafts with templates
    ��️ Homework sheets.
    ��Spelling words to memorise.
     ��️Teacher's notes to the students about grammer, phonics and English literature.
    ��Building on English writing skills and phonics

    Some of the content are: where music leads to, head cover for man in different religions, hijab in different religions, the clever king (purpose of life), existence of GOD, how to treat your parents (too messy), value what you have, controlling anger (tantrum) and much more...

    At �� ��

  2. Jazakuallah khair sister....everything I need in one booklet

  3. MashaAllah sister! Very creative and enjoyable activities. I have always wanted to find booklets that are fun but informative too, so I'm very glad I came across these as I can finally enjoy the process of teaching the little ones! ��

  4. Jzakuallah khair sister very helpful stories even for me, it really touches and aims at the emaan of the youth of our time!


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