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Thursday 9 September 2021

Name Birds to Teach Name Writing

Writing our own name is important as it identifies us and our property. Before children enter school they must learn to recognise their names when someone addresses them as well as recognise their names in print. The added bonus would be to write their own names. Children love to write their own names. They are always amazed at what their names look like in print. To help and motivate children to learn their names, these name birds can come in handy.
When I taught children to write their names, I'd have name tags and name sheets for them to trace and copy. Think of these name birds as name tags. But instead of boring old name tags, these birds are highly decorative and can be played with. As children play with them, they get to recognise their name. When children are ready to write their name then they can copy it directly from the bird.

I got this idea from these Word Birds.  You can watch the video and follow the instructions on how to make the birds. Then add your child's name. You can also follow these instructions below.

What you need:
Cardboard from a box
Masking or washi tape
Decorative Papers
Craft glue
A marble or rock
Black marker

What to do:

1. Cut bird shape

Cut 2 identical bird shapes from the cardboard. As you can see, I've used an old pizza box.

2. Make the bird stand

Fold a piece of the cardboard and place it at the bottom between the 2 bird pieces 

3. Tape the bird

Tape all around the bird using the masking or washi tape. Leave a small space at the bottom of the bird. The hole should be big enough for the rock or marble to fit through.

4. Weigh the bird down
Weigh the bird down so it can stand by pushing something heavy such as a rock or a marble through the hole.
Seal the hole with the masking or washi tape.

5. Test your bird

Test that your bird can stand by itself. Sometimes, depending on how you've cut your bird, it can rock back and forth without falling over.

6. Paper Mache your bird
Tear your decorative paper into strips and attach to the bird. Keep layering until you have a thick layer. Make sure that the bird is covered completely. Let dry completely. Note: when choosing the decorative paper, make sure that it's not too overwhelming as your child would need to see the words of their name.

7. Write your child's name
Write your child's name in big letters on the bird's body. Make sure it's easy to read and each letter is clear. Tip: Use a capital for the first letter and small case for the other letters that follow. You don't want to use all capital letters as this is not how people write their names.

You can add wings and even make other shapes. Have fun!

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