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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Help Your Child Write b and d Correctly

Why do young children so often mix similar letters or write letters and numbers back to front?

The explanation that I've been taught is that young children see things in 3D. It doesn't matter which way it's flipped or rotated, to them it's still the same letter. They haven't yet learnt to see things flat in 2D on paper. They have yet to learn that when things are written down they remain fixed and cannot be rotated or flipped.

Take the b and d as an example. My prekinders get the b and d mixed up all the time; 'dad' is usually written as 'bad' or 'bab' or 'dab'. Poor ol' dad!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Eid Colouring Competition Winners

This competition started last Eid ul Fitr and it has just ended on Eid ul Adha. (See here for detals and download the free colouring sheet to colour at your own leisure for the next Eids.)

In case you're wondering about the winning entries, I've put them up here.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

3 Free Eid ul Adha Cards to Download

Eid is around the corner so download these cards to colour and give.

 These are cards so print them onto A4 or legal size paper or cardstock and fold in half. Then colour and decorate and write a message inside. 

There are three levels: easy, intermediate and hard. Hard just means that there are many lines and details to colour so it'll be more suitable for older children, teenagers and adults. But don't limit yourself, just pick the one that you like or do them all!
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