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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Printable Eid ul Adha Sheep Painting

Download free sheep printable
If you're looking for something to do with your little one for Eid then try this sheep painting using circle objects to make circular imprints for the sheep's wool. Download below.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Printable Eid ul Adha Envelopes

Money envelopes for Eid presents

Download this printable and have your child make a little Eid pocket to put little gifts inside to give to family, friends and relatives. 

These are money envelopes that you could put money in but I usually have my prekinders make them and I would sign them and fill them up with little stationery items such as novelty pencils, pens, erasers/rubbers, popular collector's cards, balloons and maybe a lolly or two. 

The children get very excited and love receiving them. You can have your child make a few for others and one for themselves for you to fill up. Instructions are below.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Allah Loves Me More Free Worksheets

Kindergarten Islamic Worksheets
Title: Allah Loves Me More from Iman Building Series
Publisher: Ali Gator
Recommended for: 4-6 year old
Download the complementary printable worksheets below

Heba finds a sad cat in the park and takes it home, looking after it and loving it so much. Heba doesn’t believe that anyone could love anything more than she loves her cat.

But her father shows Heba how Allah’s love for his creations is even greater, and that Allah loves us more.

To make it easy for children to understand that Allah loves us more, this book compares it to a child's love of her cat. That whatever the child loves, Allah loves them more than that love. It then goes through two examples of what Allah gave us that shows how Allah loves us.
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