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Tuesday 8 September 2020

Children's Books about Praying on Time


I have 2 books here aimed at different age groups but with a similar story line about a child who's distracted with fun things to do when it's time to pray. These books are great for starting the conversation about the importance of praying on time at the appointed time.

Title: We're off to Pray
Author: Sana Munshey
Illustrator: Eman Salem
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Recommended for: 4-6 year old

The first is 'We're off to Pray'. This is in a picture book format so it's aimed at 4 to 6 year old. The little boy in the story has a dilemma - should he go and play with his friends or pray with his family? He chooses to play with his friends. But while playing, he couldn't enjoy himself because he kept thinking about the prayer. This is guilt. So he decides to tell his friends to go and pray first. This made his parents very happy. 

This is an excellent message for children as most are often caught between choosing to play or to pray. This book comes with an activity poster where children cut and paste the correct sequence of the prayer. 

The only thing is that this book is written in rhyme. I'd prefer if it was in prose. I've written on the topic of rhyme before (see my previous reviews).

Title: A Reace to Prayer
Author: Aliya Vaughan
Illustrator: Rakaiya Azzouz
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation
Recommended for: 7-8 year old

The second book is 'A Race to Prayer'. This is in a novel format with short chapters and black and white pictures so it's aimed at 7 to 8 year old. Sulaiman, the boy in the story, enjoys watching bike racing. He gets annoyed when it's prayer time and his watching gets interrupted. One day, his dad takes him and Grandpa to watch the races but during the race they had to take a break to pray zuhr before it got too late and they miss it. Sulaiman was reluctant but he goes with them. After they prayed, the found out that the roof where they were sitting had collapse. This made Sulaiman reflect on how Allah saved them from a disaster when they prayed when they're supposed to. Not only that, he gets a bigger surprise!

Another great message for children who are so busy watching tv or playing electronic or computer games. Kids at this age are often glued to their games or screens so its an excellent reminder that the prayer is more important.

Get yours at any good Islamic Bookstore.

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Download this free Salah Tracker for Kids to encourage your kids to pray on time. 

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