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Tuesday 3 March 2020

Fatimah's First Fasting Day Review

Book review
Author: Umm Ahmad
Recommended for: 5-6 year old

Fatimah is so excited, this year will be her very first Ramadan! But there is a lot to learn so she will be ready. Follow along as her parents teach her about the many blessings and rewards of fasting. Also included are the rules of fasting, and adi’yaa made when sighting a new moon and after breaking fast!

There are a growing number of books for preschoolers about fasting, especially the first fast. It takes the reader from suhur to iftar. What I like most about this book is that it includes all the sunnah of fasting. From what dua to say at the sighting of a new moon to the breaking of the fast, and all the duas in between. This is also a guide on the dos and donts of fasting and the rewards for fasting. It is comprehensive. 

Although it is a story of Fatimah fasting her first fast, it reads more like an instruction manual. This is a great book for when you want the correct facts to teach your child how to fast. As a matter of fact, it contains each hadith in the footnotes. As you're reading, you can use the footnote to talk about the hadith.

Yes, this is a rhyming book. If you've been following my book reviews, you'll know my views on yet another Muslim rhyming book for kids. Having written that, this one is not so cringe-worthy. The rhyming words fit in nicely. (I only cringe when an author squeezes in a word just because it rhymes and you just know that they couldn't find another. It makes the sentence sound unnatural and hard for children to understand.) It takes talent to make rhyming work and this one is pretty good.

The best thing about this book is that you can get a free download of a Ramadan Kit that is based on this book. The publisher/author has generously made it free. You'll get a colouring book with the same pictures from the book. There are also certificates, dua posters, charts and cards! This is such a great kit to keep your child busy and learning this Ramadan. If you get the free kit you might as well get the book. Your child will love it.

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  1. I love a rhyming book! And this book sounds like it covers so much. Excellent!

  2. Absolutely love this book and how amazing that they have free printables. Will buy it for this Ramadan xxx


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