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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Top 5 Education Posts of 2018

It's been another year, alhamdulillah! Looking back at my most popular posts reveal that this year was the year of the FREE downloads. My top 5 education posts were all free Islamic printables. You've indicated what you liked so, inshaAllah, more free Islamic downloads this coming year (and educational articles of course).

Without much further ado, here are the top 5 free Islamic printable downloads for the year 2018:
1. Ramadan Activity Book for Kids 7-11 Years Old
Since my all time most popular post is the Free Ramadan Activity Book for Little Kids, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the older version is also popular.
It's full of activities for Ramadan. If you haven't downloaded it yet then do so and save it for next Ramadan to give to your older child.

Help your little ones learn about how to make wudu for praying. This book is in the style of all my other activity books.
Lots of cutting and pasting for little fingers to improve their fine motor control.

Another activity book for little kids! This time it's the story of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, briefly told up until, and including, revelation.
This book and the previous one were a request from a reader. So if you have any requests for any type of printable, I will try my best to produce one, inshaAllah, as I'm sure if you need it then others will too. The best way is to follow me on Instagram @ilmaeducation

A move away from activity books are these flashcards for the English alphabet.
Each letter is accompanied by an Islamic concept: a is for athan, b is for bismillah, c is for camel, d is for dua and so on. It's in black and white so kids can colour them in.

Now for something completely different again. Have you heard of Quran journaling? Well it's something that I picked up doing and the teacher in me thought, how can I simplify this for children? These 2 pages offer children a template to read and reflect on the bee ayats in the Quran.
I love Quran journaling because it really makes you read the Quran, the tafsir to understand it and to reflect on what they ayahs mean and to make intention to put it into practice. Try it out yourself!

Well that wraps up the top 5 posts for ILMA Education this year. InshaAllah, next year will be MORE (that's my word for 2019!).

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