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Friday 12 January 2018

Crafts for Capital Letters

Children learn the capital letters in the last term of the school year once they lower case letters have been taught. Each year I go through the same thing but with different students. As a teacher doing the same thing each year gets kinda tedious so I'm always on the lookout for new activities that teaches the same thing. 

Last year for the capital letters, I've managed to changed the crafts for some of the letters. Below are some of them:

A Q-Tip Painting

D for Duck

F for Flower

Other Letters

I'm sure there are more capital letter crafts that I did differently last year. But sometimes, I just forget to take the photos or just don't have time to take them.

This year though, I have a plan to do all the crafts for the lower case letters differently - just to add more variety to my teaching! Keep a look out for those posts!

More Crafts for Capital Letters:

Letters where lower case and upper case are the same:

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