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Monday 13 November 2017

Book Review: The Very Curious Tiger

Title: The Very Curious Tiger
Author: Amina Kara
Illustrator: Amina Kara
Publisher: Prolance
Ages: 3-5 year olds

Curiosity leads tiger off his lorry, join him and count to ten on his lost journey.

As a teacher or parent, you can never have too many counting books for your children. The more practice they have at counting different things then the better they'll get at it. I have numerous counting books and this one adds to my collection for children to count.

Aside from the counting this is also a story of one very curious tiger who gets lost and tries to find his way back to his owner. Along the way he meets different people, animals and insects. Children will feel story for the curious tiger when it's night time and he's all by himself. 

The subtle moral to this story is to not wander off by yourself or you'll get lost. So when you're reading this book to your children, you can even have a discussion about staying close and not go off by themselves.

It's great for teaching empathy as well. You can have a discussion of what the tiger would have felt when he couldn't see his owner anywhere or when his owner opened the lorry and didn't see tiger inside. What about when he fell asleep under the night sky by himself and finally how both the owner and the tiger felt when they got back together again? These are all questions to get your children to start thinking about the feelings of others.

The author is a teacher herself so she has included a section on activities to do with your children that are related to this book. You can't go wrong with this book resource-wise as there are so many things you could teach your children from this one book. Get it now.

You can get The Very Curious Tiger below (my affiliate link).

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